Community Stories

Bikes are changing lives! For over 40 years, Wheel & Sprocket has helped people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds reach their goals, stay active, keep healthy, and have a great time. That's why we're so excited to share these inspiring customer stories.

From 0 to 10,000+

Claire is a Milwaukee based teacher who had dreams of riding across the country since she got her first road bike in high school... Now she's toured over 10,000 miles. 

Corey and Maxine Hengen

"We cross the finish line side by side" is the approach Corey and Maxine Hengen take with biking and marriage.    This Bay View couple rode a tandem on their wedding day 13 years ago and became serious about biking adventures a few years later. 

Corey and Maxine show us how easy overnight bike trips as well as the joy of organized bike adventures.  

Jess Senger on Helmet Safety

Jess Senger, a rising senior at Oak Park River Forest High School, is working toward the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award given to scouts who work to make a positive difference in their communities. The issue Jess chose to tackle? Bike safety! 

Kim Pandy

Kim Pandy is a recent addition to the Wheel & Sprocket family, but she’s been finding freedom on bikes her whole life. She talked to us about riding as a form of meditation, and how she’s found ways to work that into her everyday life. 

Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews has been riding all sorts of bikes for 35 years, but her greatest love is mountain biking. In addition to enjoying mountain and fat bike riding in all seasons, she’s worked to create and protect trail systems that everyone can enjoy. We chatted with her about how people can join her in this super fun and engaging kind of riding.

Jennifer and Grace Conigliaro

Biking has brought Jennifer Conigliaro and her daughters together in ways they never could have imagined. Jennifer's biking started as a personal mission to help her mom and quickly became a passion.

Jessy Mueller gets back in the saddle with a used bike from Wheel & Sprocket

Jessy Mueller is a Wisconsin native currently living in Stanley, Idaho. She works as a back country wilderness ranger in Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Bob & Robb Koebert

To this day, Bob Koebert, 90, and Robb  Koebert, MD, 65, have enjoyed many years of biking events and skiing the Birkebeiner (“Birkie”), North America’s largest cross country ski race, together.

Annie White

Second-grade teacher Annie White is continually teaching her students to try new things and be brave. The 43-year-old mother of four put her lessons to the test after buying an electric bike and challenging herself to ride in the Trek 100 with her husband. What’s remarkable, is that Annie has only 40% lung capacity and never thought she could ever ride a bike, let alone go the 17 mile distance.

Women Industry Leaders on Capitol Hill

Tessa Kegel of Wheel & Sprocket talks about her recent experience in DC, lobbying with PeopleForBikes and other women leaders in the bike industry.

Trying to Keep Up with Jared Johnson

Jared has always loved riding bikes. It was his first Trek 1500 bought in 1989 that got him hooked. Thirty years later, Jared owns 8 bikes, has ridden 26 states, is a member of numerous clubs, and has converted over 50 friends and family to his passion

Ride Around the World or Around the Block

Beth talks about how her love for cycling has grown from "newbie" to solo touring around Southeast Asia. Now, she's joined the Wheel & Sprocket team to tell you to "just get out there!"

Rachel and Chris Keil

Several years ago Chicagoans Rachel and Chris Keil chose bikes to replace a car with a broken transmission. Rachel’s cancer diagnosis and treatment last year led them to purchase an electric cargo bike.  

Lynne and Dan Mapes-Riordan

Lynne and Dan Mapes-Riordan didn’t start riding together until just a few years ago, when they bought their first new road bikes. Dan has been riding consistently all his life, whereas Lynne describes herself as a later-in-life biking enthusiast. They now ride together all year, taking indoor cycling classes with Training Hub in the winter and doing supported touring with Trek Travel in the summer. 

Beginning Training Hub Advice

Training Hub is helping Kathy explore a new type of cycling and improving her riding. Learn how Training Hub can help you meet your goals and keep you riding year round!

Lai King and Family

This full-time mom of two busy girls, biking advocate, and self-proclaimed “serial volunteer” has sage advice about how to bring bikes into all aspects of your life.

Fat Bike Love & Happiness

Brad and Rachel Flament found true love through biking. This Fat Bike couple credit these fun, versatile bikes with creating new friendships and a sense of community. "We have met so many great and different people through biking," said Rachel.

Indoor Riding

Amelia Kegel, co-owner of Wheel & Sprocket, talks about Training Hub and how to use the winter months to IMPROVE your riding.

Pam Powoznki

Twin Lakes, WI

After retiring as a field engineering coordinator, Pam wanted to find an exercise that helped her stay healthy and engaged in her neighborhood. She read an article about eBikes, gave it a try and was hooked. Now Pam and her iZip Vibe are having great fun on the hills in Twin Lakes. We love that she bought a cute new Electra Cool Cat helmet to match!

Andrea and Bill Koehnlein

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Andrea has a new found love of commuting to and from her home to the family-owned interior design business.  Her Felt Tote'm electric cargo bike helps her relax, notice her surroundings, and save gas.   Husband Bill led the way when he bought the Trek Powerfly and now rides weekly with a group.   Together, they're enjoying the ride and helping the environment!  

Terry Hackett

Greendale, Wisconsin

Terry was considering his options after knee, hip, and shoulder replacements. This former athlete and retired restoration business owner felt uncertain about his balance on a regular bike. Then he discovered the electric Terra Trike recumbent bike. Now he averages over 30 mile rides per day on the beautiful trails around Milwaukee. We have a hard time keeping up with him!