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Ready to roll

New Bike Essentials

Be prepared with all the cycling essentials you need to have a GREAT ride! We'll cover a few key points including safety, comfort, inflation, hydration & nutrition, and transportation so you're Ready to Roll!

Before You Head Out...

Rules of the Road

Be ready for those first pedal strokes with a few helpful tips from our crew, covering the rules of the road and how to see and be seen.

Feeling confident on your bike will ensure those miles of smiles!

ABC Quick Check 

Remember, your ABC's-- that's the ABC Quick Check you'll want to do before you head out on the road, dirt, or path

A special thanks to our advocacy partner, Active Transportation Alliance for the video

 Safety First!  

See and be seen

See & Be Seen

Drivers are less used to seeing bikes on the road after the thaw of winter. We recommend using both front and rear lights day and night!

Daytime running lights have unique flash patterns that make you 2.5 times more visible than no lights at all. 

Peace of mind can be as simple as a good set of lights

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High Visibility 

Wear colors that will make you stand out. Fluorescent yellows, oranges, and pinks pack the most punch when it comes to being seen. Anything reflective is always a plus.

Read "The Science of Being Seen" from Bicycle Magazine for the full scoop.

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Did you know you should be replacing your helmet every 3-5 years? Helmet science has come a long way... learn more about Wavecel and MIPS technology

 Comfort is Key! 

Bike Shorts 

A pair of good bike shorts is going to make the riding experience significantly more enjoyable. There are baggy fitting options too!

The more you ride, the more you'll get used to sitting on the saddle, and for longer rides we recommend chamois cream to reduce friction. 

Additional Comfort

Gloves help absorb the shock from the road and keep your hands from going numb.

Cycling shoes keep your knees aligned and bonus: you can pull up on the pedal as well as push down for increased efficiency. 

The best way to sit comfortably on your bike is to have it properly and professionally fit for you!

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 Inflation- Pump it Up! 

How to Pump Up Your Tires

Before Your Ride

Riding your tires at the right pressure makes a BIG difference. Check the recommended pressure on the sidewall of your tire and fill up before every ride with a floor pump. 

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How to Fix a Flat


Flats... They happen! Be prepared with on-the-road protection by carrying an extra tube, patch kit, tire levers, and a mini-pump or CO2 inflator. 

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 Hydration & Nutrition 

Stay Hydrated

Do your body right! You sweat more than you think due to wind & evaporation-- be sure to have enough water along for the ride.

Put a water bottle cage (or two) on your bike, or if you're riding trails, a hydration pack comes in handy!


Food is fuel! Energy expended is energy that needs to be replaced. Whether it's bars or gels, or just packing your own snack, you'll want to have a little somethin' with you. 

We also recommend electrolyte drinks with amino acids for longer rides & workouts!

Fuel up before, during, and after your ride!

 Transportation- Carry What You Need 

Packs & Racks

Be ready to carry whatever you'll want for your ride. Have a place for layers, your phone, flat protection, a banana, a deck of cards... you name it!

Some packs attach to right your bike, or-- grab a front or rear rack and some bags or panniers to haul more substantial items.

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Take Your Bike Anywhere!

Now that you have everything you need, expand your horizons with a car rack.

Lots of styles with even more car compatibility lets you bring your bike to new places you've always wanted to ride...

Enjoy Your Ride!