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Welcome to Fox Point's community bicycle shop located on Santa Monica Blvd and Green Tree Rd. Wheel & Sprocket is a full service bike store and our people are the best in the business. We bring a high degree of experience, energy, knowledge and passion to our community. Whether you need your bicycle repaired, a bike fit, are looking for a used bike, or need help picking out a new bike our cycling experts are here to help!

Customer Reviews

 In all my years of buying bikes around the country, I’ve been treated best by the team at Wheel & Sprocket. There has been follow up from the shop all week to see if we need any additional adjustments or have questions. A wonderful experience. 

— Larry J.

 I moved to Milwaukee a couple of years ago from the east coast. In relocating my priority was to find a good doctor, a good community and a good bike shop. Thank you Wheel & Sprocket! 

— Cynthia H.

 I bought my electric bike with them. I'm SO beyond blown away by their customer service. They were really great to work with. I'm very impressed and cannot wait to continue to ride my bike. 

— Ashley H.

 My family has bought nearly all of our bikes from Wheel and Sprocket for many years (mostly Trek). The staff at all of the locations is reliably great. Will be going back here for many years to come. 

— Keith S.