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Bike Repair Shop & Maintenance

Give your bike the care it deserves.

Our service department offers complete maintenance and repairs on many types of bikes*, even if you did not originally purchase the bike from us. 

With bike repair available at all retail locations, we offer great attention to detail and follow it up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our people are here to get you and your bike out on the road, trail, track, or wherever the wind takes you. We take pride in having some of the best career bicycle mechanics in the business and developing service individuals from the ground up.

Choose from our comprehensive bicycle repair packages for the best overall value. We also offer a complete menu of a la carte repairs to address your individual needs. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and diagnose your issues. Estimates are always free!

*Wheel & Sprocket reserves the right to accept or not accept service work at its sole discretion. Wheel & Sprocket may decline service work on bikes that are improperly modified against manufacturer specifications, bikes that have gas-powered engines, E-Bikes and related components that are non-UL listed, and/or of dubious quality which represent a safety hazard, or any other conditions which may compromise the safety of our employees or customers.

Bike Repair Packages

Bike Wash & Lube  

Includes a basic safety check plus:

  • Lubrication of necessary components
  • Wipe down frame

* Adjustments and parts not included

Systems Check (New Bikes)  

Minor adjustments done with bicycle in the stand:

  • Drivetrain Systems Check
  • Brake Systems Check
  • Wheel Systems Check

* Wheel truing additional charge

Annual Service Package  

  • Comprehensive off-bike wheel truing
  • Bottom bracket and headset adjustments
  • Full bike wash & lube

* Parts not included

Premium Service Package  

Includes ANNUAL SERVICE PACKAGE components plus:

  • Overhaul Service
  • Sonic Drivetrain Clean
  • Full bike wash & lube
  • 50% OFF additional labor charges

* Parts not included

Add-On Package Services

Bearing Service

We recommend adding this to the ANNUAL SERVICE PACKAGE:

  • Rebuild bottom bracket
  • Overhaul headset
  • Overhaul front hub
  • Overhaul rear hub

* Parts not included

Sonic Drivetrain Clean

We recommend adding this to the ANNUAL SERVICE PACKAGE:

  • Remove crankset
  • Remove rear derailleur
  • Remove front derailleur
  • Remove chain
  • Remove cassette

* Parts not included

Drop Bar Cable / Housing Labor Kit

Flat Bar Cable / Housing Labor Kit

More Information

Additional Services

Specific bike repairs, from simple to complex, can also be diagnosed and priced on an a la carte basis. The additional services we perform include these and many more:

  • Install tires
  • Repair flat tires
  • True wheels
  • Lubricate drivetrains
  • Safety checks
  • Adjust shifting
  • Adjust braking
  • Adjust bearings
  • Replace cables

Special Notes

Some bicycle styles or repairs require additional work and are therefore subject to additional charges:

  • Recumbents, tandems and specialty bikes
  • Older bikes, department store bikes or bikes in poor condition
  • Hydraulic brake maintenance
  • Insurance or accident estimates

Electric Bike Policy

Wheel & Sprocket can perform diagnostics, service, and maintenance on electric systems of E-bike brands in our product portfolio approved by third-party EU/UL standards and have a COI (Certificate of Insurance) based in the US. The brands/systems below we are trained and certified in:

  • Bosch
  • Shimano
  • Brose
  • Giant
  • Trek
  • Fazua
  • TQ
  • Hyena
  • Serial 1

Unfortunately due to recent changes within our insurance policy, we are currently unable to provide service to Ebike brands/systems that we do not sell and we are not trained/certified to work on. This includes the mechanical systems of those brands.  We are currently working with several e-bike manufacturers outside of our product portfolio to establish a partnership to become a service provider.