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$708.40 - $999.00 $990.00 - $999.00 Up to 28% Off
Where are you going? There's a better way to get there, the Unagi scooter. Life is to short to let transportation hassles keep you from connecting with the people and places you love. Unagi is superior to other scooters because of advanced materials, state of the art technology, precision engineering, and untouchable design. Ever single decision has been made with the rider in mind. From the multiple LEDs to keep you safe at night to the invisible kickstand to the patented one click folding hinge. Thanks to the magnesium alloy handlebar and carbon fiber tube the Unagi is ultra lightweight. Its perfectly minimalist in its aesthetic but built for maximum strength and durability. The deck is machined from a single block of aluminum. No seams, traction tape, or gritty finishes. The Unagi features wheels that are not only puncture proof but provide suspension thanks to air pockets embedded throughout the tires circumference. The perfect balance of comfort and responsiveness. Custom designed motors deliver effortless power. The 450 watt dual motor provides additional torque for hilly terrain. Take the ride of your life on a Unagi scooter!
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