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Bike Trade-In

Let your old bike help you buy a new bike.

Whether it’s a beater bike that you’ve had for many years or a newer model that doesn’t quite fit your current riding style, trade it in and apply its value towards the purchase of a fantastic new bike that perfectly suits your needs! We'll help you find the best trade in deals.

Used bikes are available at our Milwaukee, Fox Valley and Chicago locations. Ask your location about available models or browse online.

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Trade in your used bike for a new bike with Bicycle Blue Book

How Does It Work?

Our seasoned mechanics will check over your bike and guide you through the valuation process using the third-party blue book service, BicycleBlueBook.com. We will then issue you a gift card, which can be used at any time towards any purchase at Wheel & Sprocket. Use the Bicycle Blue Book tool to generate an instant estimate for your trade-in.

How Will A Bikes's Condition Be Evaluated?

Our trained mechanics will assess the condition of the following systems:

Frame • Wheels • Drivetrain • Rubber • Grips • Saddle

 If replacement parts are required for resale, the cost of the repairs may affect the final trade-in value of the bike.

What Bikes Will Be Accepted?

In general, most bikes originally purchased from a bike shop and in working condition are eligible for the Wheel & Sprocket Trade-In program. To do our part to fight bike theft and for your security, we will require the following to process a trade-in:

• Valid driver's license
• Bike Serial number must not be defaced or destroyed

Trade-In Fine Print

Before you load up your bikes and family into the car, please consider the following:

  • All initial valuations will be provided by the third-party BicycleBlueBook.com database. For bikes that do not exist in this database, an ad hoc good faith valuation will be made.
  • BicycleBlueBook.com valuations assume all stock-componentry. Any upgrades/downgrades from the original specification will be taken into account.
  • Final value, determined by a trained mechanic, is determined based on the Bicycle Blue Book valuation as well as the condition of the bicycle.
  • Some bikes may not qualify for resale and therefore will not be eligible for trade-in. Many department store bikes (Huffy, Magna, Next) will fall into this category.
  • Trade-in value is loaded onto a Wheel & Sprocket gift card, which can be used immediately or saved for later. Gift cards do not expire and should be treated as cash.