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Car Rack Buying Guide

Take your bike anywhere!

Whether it’s a short trip to the local trails or a long family vacation, stow all of your bikes with confidence. On the roof, with a hitch, or strapped to the back, there’s a bike rack to fit almost any budget, family size or vehicle.

Hitch Rack

# of Bikes2 - 4 Bikes
Weight Limit35lbs - 65lbs per bike
Pros- Some models can tilt to allow easy access to the trunk
- Most models can accommodate 1.25" & 2" hitch receivers
- Easy to load bikes onto rack
- Multiple bike strap down points to the rack
- Some models can accommodate heavier bikes 
Cons- 1.25" hitch receivers are limited to 2 bikes or less
- Models with more features may be more expensive

Roof Rack

# of Bikes1 Bike
Weight Limit45lbs 
Pros- Bike stored out of the way and all vehicle doors accessible
-leaves room available for additional roof racks or cargo
- Secure attachment to the vehicle
Cons- Driver must be aware of low clearance areas while driving
- Extra wind resistance while driving
- May require crossbar components (sold separately)
- Limited to only on bike per rack

Trunk Rack

# of Bikes2 - 3 Bike
Weight Limit30 - 35lbs per bike 
Pros- Less expensive
- Portable and easy to store
- Can be used on a variety of different cars
- Easy to load bikes on the rack
Cons- Impedes access to trunk
- Bikes may sway while being transported

Car Rack FAQ

Shop the Car Racks

We're pleased to offer hitch racks by Saris, Küat, Thule, and more!

Hitch Racks

For the frequent bike traveler! These racks slide into and mount to the receiver of a vehicle trailer hitch. Able to accommodate one bike or the whole family, this rack setup will reliably stow your bikes on any trip!

Roof Racks

Offering the most versatility for any bike traveler. Securing the bike on the roof of your vehicle allows for additional roof racks or cargo.

Trunk Racks

An easy to use and economical option! Attached to the rear of a vehicle with a system of straps and hooks, the bikes are then mounted to the rack support arms.