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Experience comfort on every ride.

Enhance your riding experience with a free Standard Bike Sizing, or by scheduling a Professional Bike Fitting with one of our preferred fit partners. 

At Wheel & Sprocket, we believe that comfort is key to enjoying every ride, which is why we offer free bike sizing with every purchase. Our standard sizing covers essential adjustments such as frame sizing, seat height/positioning, and handlebar positioning, ensuring your bike is properly adjusted to your body and riding style. This not only enhances comfort but also improves efficiency, power, and keeps you smiling for miles! 

Standard Bike Sizing

Free with purchase!

Our standard bike sizing is available at time of pickup at all Wheel & Sprocket locations. Suitable for all bike types to ensure a comfortable riding position. 

This includes:

  • Frame size assessment to ensure proper fit and riding position
  • Seat height and positioning (neutral position) adjustment for comfort and efficiency
  • Handlebar position & reach (assessment made with current parts and components)
    • Parts not included / installation of additional parts extra

Professional Bike Fit 

For riders who are serious about their cycling goals, plan to log extensive miles, or are having comfort challenges, we recommend exploring a more comprehensive bicycle fit.

Below, you will find links and contact information for our professional fit partners, who offer fitting in our AppletonBrookfieldDelafieldFox Point, and Middleton locations. To schedule a fitting and see what services are provided, click the links below.


Your Fitter:
Craig Watson

Fox Point & Brookfield

Milwaukee Bike Fit Studio

Your Fitter:

Phil Godkin


Evolution Fitting

Your Fitter:

Trent Faith

Jim Boldra

Please E-mail or call  Wheel & Sprocket Appleton to Schedule with Jim


Why did we switch to a partner fit program?

We've recently switched over to a partner fit program to ensure that you receive the best quality experience when getting fitted for your bike. By partnering with professional fit specialists who use the latest equipment and are trained extensively in bike fitting techniques, we can guarantee that your bike fit is tailored specifically to your needs. This transition allows us to focus on what we do best—providing top-notch bikes and gear—while entrusting the fitting process to experts who excel in their field. Our goal is to enhance your riding experience and help you achieve your cycling goals with the utmost comfort and performance.

Professional Bike Fitting with Precision Fit

Why Get a Professional Bike Fit?

For riders who plan on logging lots of miles, we highly recommend investing in one of our more intensive bicycle fit packages to ensure that you get the most out of every ride.

Whether you’re on a brand new bike or you’re looking to shave seconds off of your time trial time, you can benefit from a professional bike fit. Check out our package options below and book your appointment today with our easy online request form.

Trek Precision Fit
Guru Fit