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Jessy Mueller gets back in the saddle with a used bike from Wheel & Sprocket

Jessy Mueller is a Wisconsin native currently living in Stanley, Idaho. She works as a backcountry wilderness ranger in Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Where are you from?

Thiensville, Wisconsin

What’s the last bike you had?

Its a little embarrassing but my last bike was purchased at Toys R Us. I cant remember what brand it was but I had it all of high school and in College.

How did you decide on a used bike from Wheel & Sprocket?

I know the family and wanted to support local business. My family and friends also have bikes from Wheel & Sprocket and love them. They also helped me decided what bike would be best for me! 

How was your experience ordering from Wheel & Sprocket?

It was a great experience! The website was easy to use and the pictures were very accurate of the bike I purchased.  The bike was easy to assemble and the box even told you what tools you needed which was very helpful. 

What’s your favorite thing about riding your new bike?

My favorite thing is being able to ride down Forest Service roads near my house and being able access the 1,000 miles of trails near my house. Getting to places faster and having more fun than hiking!

Do you have any goals for riding? 

My goals would be to get into more downhill mountain biking! Once I get more confident on my bike ill try to tackle some mountains!