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Matt Geib - Electric Bikes for All Types of Riding

Location: General Manager, Wheel & Sprocket Brookfield and eBike Superstore; 14 years with Wheel & Sprocket

What kind of bikes do you ride?  

eBikes, of course, as well as Mountain bikes and Road.

What do you like about eBikes?  

I like how eBikes open up so many options. I can ride all day long and carry lots of cargo if needed.

Where do you like to ride?

I like to ride to work. My commute to the store is about 30 miles so eBikes are a perfect solution for multiple rides each week without sacrificing precious time. It’s also nice to get my workout in at the same time.

Why do you ride bikes?

I ride bikes for many reasons, recreation, fitness, and transportation. The most important reason to ride is because it’s good for the soul.

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What eBike is right for you?

We call eBikes the great equalizer because they have been developed for all types of riders and all levels of ability. Before purchasing an eBike, ask yourself these key questions: Where will you be riding? How will the bike be used? How far do you want to ride? How fast do you want to get there?

Here are the general categories of eBikes to consider:


  • Work - No need to work up a sweat and shower once you get into the office.  Many eBikes were made for riding faster back and forth to work on those tough urban roads.
  • Shopping - Have fun taking the eBike to get your groceries.  Many eBikes include racks for panniers.


  • General riding  - Take those hills, explore those trails, and enjoy long trips.  EBikes take you farther and longer every time! 
  • Mountain - Riders are fast discovering the job of eMTB’s in exploring trails.   Look for expanded places to ride in the next few years.  
  • Fitness - The pros are using eRoad to train.  Now you can keep going on your road bike on hills and long rides by going electric!


  • Transporting People - eCargo bikes are a great way to take the kids to school or on a trip.  
  • Transporting Goods - Most eBikes are good to go with a great set of panniers (bags).  But eCargos are fantastic for packing, deliveries, and more.   

eBike Basic Components

Three basic components make a bike pedal assist:  Drive Unit, Battery, and On-board computer

Drive Unit

The drive unit on an eBike is the motor that provides assistance as you pedal. There are two types are drive units Mid-Drive and Hub Drive.

Mid-Drive Unit - Most of the eBikes made today (and the bikes we carry) have the motor located in the pedal crank shaft.  It’s better design for both the motor performance and center of gravity on the bike.  

Hub Drive Unit - Earlier eBike models had the motor located in the wheel.  The challenge,  corrected by the mid-drive design, involves fixing tires, weight balance and overall motor efficiency.  


Your battery range is based on battery size, motor size, weight (you and the bike), wind, speed, terrain, and tire pressure.   Some manufacturers indicate a range of up to 100 miles but that would depend on ideal conditions on lower power level.  

In addition, battery’s have an ability to boost the power based their wattage:

  • 400 watts - Used in all 20 mile/hour eBikes

  • 500 watts - Used in some 20 mile/hour and all 28 mile/hour eBikes 

  • 1,000 watts - Dual batteries are terrific for assuring you can travel longer distances especially in areas 

On-Board Computer

We sell primarily bikes built with Bosch or Shimano motor drive systems.    The on-board computer screen varies by model allowing riders to see the power levels, battery ranges, miles ridden, and more. 

Below are the pedal assist power levels by bikes: 


  • Eco - 40% assist in pedaling power (less drain on the battery)

  • Tour - 100% assist 

  • Sport - 170% assist

  • Turbo - 250% assist gives you the power to conquer any hill!


  • Low  - 40% assist in pedaling power (less drain on the battery)

  • Medium - 100% 

  • High - 200 % assist gives you the power to conquer any hill!

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