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Riding Tips

Rae Hamilton-Vargo -  Importance of lights day and night

Everyone knows bike lights help you see when it's dark out, but when else should you ride with lights? The answer is: any time you ride!

Rae Hamilton-Vargo - Safety First - Rules of the Road!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it's time to dust off your bike - or get a new one - and finally go riding! But if you don't have much experience riding in the street, it can be a little intimidating, so we're here to talk you through the basic rules of of the road and get you ready to ride. Of course, the laws everywhere are a little different and subject to change, so it's a good idea to check the bicycle laws in your local area before you start riding. Stay safe, and enjoy your ride! 

Jesse Kuester & Dan Sipin - New Bike Tips

Wheel & Sprocket wants you to enjoy your ride on your new bike.   Jesse Kuester and Dan Sipin have some fun showing you all the basics with your new bike.

Bike Commuting with Eric Krzystofiak

Wheel & Sprocket's Director of Retail Experience Eric Krzystofiak shares his commuting story and strategies.

Preparing for Fall & Winter Riding

Happy fall! Right now there's a lot of wonderful riding weather, but as the days get shorter and colder some of you may be wondering how much longer you'll be able to ride outside. We've got a few tips and ideas on how to extend your season, whether you're exploring the trails or

Understanding Bike and Body Fit with Phil Godkin

Phil Godkin, Certified Bike Fit Specialist, helps you achieve a more comfortable and powerful ride by understanding the six points of bike and body contact - two sit bones, two feet, and two hands.  He reviews how posture works together with bike seats.   And how proper feet and hand positioning helps you deliver better pedaling.

eBike Matt - Electric Bike Batteries

Matt Geib, General Manager of Wheel & Sprocket Brookfield, talks about what you need to know to make your electric bike battery run longer and better.

Curt Emerson on the Tuscobia Ultra

Curt Emerson of Wheel & Sprocket Oshkosh recently finished the Tuscobia Ultra which is a self-supported 80 mile winter Ultra event on the the Tuscobia trail in Wisconsin. 

Phil Godkin - Setting Bike Fitness Goals

A new year of biking begins! Phil Godkin, who teaches all kinds of riders, shares ideas to create a fun and inspiring year-long plan to ride your bike.

Riding with family

Steven Nichols, Wheel & Sprocket - Internet Store, provides advice for riding together with kids. Learn about organizing and preparing for your family's next bike outing! 

Paul Makela on Winter Riding

Paul's commute to work is a 32 mile round-trip from Grafton to Fox Point using the Interurban and Oak Leaf trails. He shared some tips for winter riding and how to always be prepared.