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What makes an eBike a great ride?

Electric assist bikes are getting more people out and riding more often. From making your daily commute more practical to being able to keep up with your fellow riders, electric bikes make riding easier- every mile of the way.

2019 eBike Trends

With the sharp raise in popularity eBikes are becoming more sophisticated and accessible . See what 2019 has in store for electric bikes!

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Riese and Müller Electric Bikes

Now Available at Wheel & Sprocket's Brookfield and Evanston locations

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Home of the largest selection of electric bikes under one roof.

Wheel & Sprocket's eBike Superstore's

For the largest selection of eBikes under one roof come to Wheel & Sprocket's Brookfield and Appleton locations! 

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Each Wheel & Sprocket carries a broad selection of eBikes. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you might have and help you find the perfect eBike.

We believe that eBikes are great for everyone.

Ride more

Electric bikes make it easier to ride; therefore, you will want to ride more often. From short jaunts, to longer rides, its amazing how many trips by bike you will want to take.

Haul more

Electric bikes are now a viable car replacement. With a wide variety of e-cargo bikes you can haul groceries or the kiddos wherever life takes you.

Keep up

Whether you are recovering from injury, or just want to keep up, eBikes are the ultimate equalizers. With the ability to easily cruise at 20mph, you'll be able to ride with the best of them.

Commute to work

Electric bikes slash your daily commute time down to a fraction of the time. Our favorite stories include commuters who now have 35 minute rides instead of an hour, all without sweating through work clothing!