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Silca Pista Floor Pump

Silca Pista Floor Pump
This item is currently not available.


Originally designed in the 1950s when the Bianchi-Pirelli team requested a pump that could fit under the rear seat of the Fiat team car, the Pista pump quickly became an icon of professional team cars and mechanic workstations at 6-Day track events around the world. The compact form of the pump, and the ability to lay completely flat, allow the pump to take up minimal space in a trunk, duffel bag, or larger tool kit, making it a true icon of the sport amongst the cycling cognoscenti.

In 2017, we took all of the qualities of the original Pista and introduced a re-engineered, limited-edition version of the pump with the iconic Molteni orange barrel to celebrate 100 years in business. These modern orange pumps were initially meant to be a limited-release product to celebrate our heritage, but the positive response and demand for the product have continued. As we're now in our second century of making high-performance pumps, we're pleased to make Pista part of our permanent floor pump line-up and will offer it in a modern red livery moving forward.

- Durable, high-strength steel barrel
- Compact ash wood handle with hose guides
- High-efficiency SILCA leather piston assembly
- Brass check-valve assembly
- Long filler hose with integrated Schrader chuck
- Push-on alloy Presta chuck with bleeder valve
- Rated to 220psi