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Ride Support

Lending a hand (and a wrench) for nearly 50 years.

Our Goal is Simple

Our goal is to ensure that every rider is supported. At Wheel & Sprocket, we’ve been proudly supporting local and regional rides and events for more than forty years. Our mission is vital: to use our passion for and knowledge of cycling to make a positive difference in our community.

What is "Ride Support"?

If you ask one of our employees, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend the day outside with fellow cyclists, working on bikes. If you ask a rider, it’s a chance to finish the ride despite blowing a tire or worse. If you ask us, Ride Support is a win-win situation that brings our communities closer together.

A Brief History of Ride Support

In the '70s, we were a small shop with a single location in Hales Corners, and Chris Kegel was one of the first employees when our doors opened in 1973. In the early days, Ride Support was a way for Chris and his crew to get out of the shop, donate their time to help riders in need, and start making positive contributions to the community.  Since those early days, we’ve grown to 11 locations in Wisconsin and Illinois, and our Ride Support program has also grown exponentially. Throughout the summer, the Wheel & Sprocket event crew is on the road every single weekend, and we support more tens of thousands of cyclists every year at a variety of events, large and small.

Hard Work is Never Wasted

Starting work before 6am and sacrificing weekends all summer long is tough, but it has helped shape us as individuals and as a business. Ride Support is fundamental to who we are and how we operate. We’ve learned important life lessons:

  • How to think critically
  • How to make things work in difficult circumstances
  • How to function with unpredictable elements
  • How to treat customers the way we want to be treated
  • How to find our way around Wisconsin's backroads
  • How to work together

The Wheel Advantage

Though our Ride Support service is not free, we hope that it is invaluable. Typically, we charge for parts required for repairs, but our labor is donated by the company that we represent.  The Upper Midwest is a great place to ride. At Wheel & Sprocket, we’re committed to making it even better. Through our many partnerships, sponsorships, and event support, we have been able to reach a huge portion of our local communities and make strong lasting ties.  It has been a fun ride, and we are thankful for the lessons that we've learned along the way.

We look forward to seeing you soon at a future event.