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Prestacycle Prestacycle One Liquid

Prestacycle Prestacycle One Liquid
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Prestacycle One is a complete Lubrication and Cleaning product for your Bicycle. It is Bio-based and USDA Certified. As a lubricant, it is so good it broke the ASTM 4 Ball Wear test. As a cleaner, degreaser and corrosion protectant, it provides the ultimate in bicycle care, all in one environmentally friendly package.

- Dry Lube
- Wet Lube
- Bike Wash
- Degreaser
- Rust Remover
- Rust Preventer
- Anti-Seize
- Paint Protectant
- Metal Polish
- Leather Conditioner

- Substantially reduces friction improving pedaling, shifting and drive train performance
- Sheds water
- Clean, Lube and Protect with one product
- Improved lubrication and wear resistance even when run dry
- Temperature performance range from -48F to +600F
- Extends chain life
- Seasons chains and cables after 3-4 applications
- State of the art penetrating characteristics
- Road, Track, Gravel, CX, MTB, BMX & eBike
- Motorcycles
- Skateboards

- State of the art Sub-Micron formulation enables the product to be run wet or dry for all riding conditions
- Not vegetable oil or vegetable ester based. Will not dry out or gum up
- No thermal decomposition even in extreme riding conditions
- No Petroleum
- No Alcohol

- Green Engineered
- Bio-based Product
- Non-Toxic
- Biodegradable
- USDA Certified
- Made in the USA with USA raw ingredients

Meets or Exceeds:
- MIL-PRF-6340E ASTM D93 Flash Point
- MIL-PRF-6340E ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity 104 F
- MIL-PRF-6340E ASTM D4172 Wear Preventative Characteristics
- MIL-PRF-6340E ASTM D5620 Load Carrying Capacity Jaw Load
- MIL-PRF-6340E ASTM Corrosion Production
- ASTM D 5183, Determination of the Coefficient of Friction for Lubricants: No Fail

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to