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We’ve taken all that we love about pneumatic skateboard tires, and bundled them together to make a tire designed specifically for use with the rigors of the electric skateboard. Strong sidewalls mean more tire strength, thick hard compound rubber to make them last longer than ever before, and a tread pattern that will give you a smooth ride no matter what path you choose! * Please note you will need the compatible drive gears, belts, 7" inner tubes and hubs to use these tires.
The GTR Series set the quality benchmark in the electric skateboard market, combining performance and value. It has a sleek design and superior quality for an amazing endless wave experience. The GTR offers two options for deck material with the Carbon Series or Bamboo Series. The carbon deck is great for those who want stability at higher speeds and a responsive ride, and the enclosed design gives a sleek aesthetic.
Replacement drive belt for GT, GTX, and GTR series All Terrain boards. Gates' GT3 series belts - made in the UK. One of the best quality belts on the market providing fantastic power while running very quietly. 66T / GT-001 - Stock size belt for 7" tires 47T / GT-006 - Stock size belt for 6" tires * Sold individually. If you're unsure of the size you need, look on your current belt for the 'GT-00X' number.
Replacement inner tube for the 7" all terrain tires. Fits 7" Evolve GT tires, not compatible with 8" MBS T3 Knobby, or 8" MBS Roadie Tire or 6" Evolve GTR tires. Sold individually!
**ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH GTR'S & THE STOKE** The Bluetooth R2 remote is our latest Patent Pending remote control technology which allows the rider to intuitively control the skateboard in any riding situation. The R2 magnetic trigger control functions along with the Bluetooth communication gives an instant precise and safe control over the skateboard. A great amount of design consideration has gone into the look and feel of the R2 remote to ensure the Evolve riding experience is that of the highest standards. Features: -Magnetic trigger controls for smoothest acceleration and brake feeling. -LCD digital screen giving real time riding data such as signal strength, speed, distance, battery percentage plus much more. -Bluetooth communication, super smooth with instant trigger -response. -Programmable Safety/Deadman switch. -4 Speed modes (ECO, PRO, GTR & CUSTOM) -Ergonomic design with a rubber over-mold for ultimate hand comfort, comes in 4 color options. -11-12 hours battery run time with Power Save feature ensuring longest run times -Solid feel in hand -Compatible with all GTR series boards.
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