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Bike Essentials for Your Ride

What to Wear

The Right Gear & Apparel to Enjoy Your Ride!

Whether you're going down the block or across the country we want you to be equipped with everything thing you need to be safe & comfortable. 

Choosing the Right Helmet

One of the most important things to wear is a proper fitting helmet. Learn which style is right for you, how to find the correct size, and how to adjust for a safe and comfortable fit.

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Bike Shorts for Added Comfort

Chris Wheeler provides bike short ideas for all kinds of riders.   Chris explains the difference between regular bike shorts, mountain bike shorts, and leggings that are fashionable and comfortable.

Preparing for Fall & Winter Riding

Happy fall! Right now there's a lot of wonderful riding weather, but as the days get shorter and colder some of you may be wondering how much longer you'll be able to ride outside. We've got a few tips and ideas on how to extend your season, whether you're exploring the trails or