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Women’s Ride Guide

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Trek has just released a new ride guide for women, highlighting recent innovations in women's cycling along with the women behind these awesome products. Take a look at some of our favorite parts or just dive in.

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What's in the Guide?


Let’s get one thing straight: 
A women’s bike is any bike a woman rides.

Trek offers over 50 models with touchpoints like saddles and handlebars designed specifically for women. But the reality is that all women are different: some women will like the fit and feel of women’s-specific touchpoints, and some will prefer the fit and feel of a unisex model. What matters is what feels best to you. Women’s or unisex, Trek bikes are built with the same performance frames, drivetrains, and suspension. Because that’s the way it should be. 

Equal performance for all.



Meet the finest team of designers, thinkers, and creators the game has ever seen. These women pack their passion for the sport of cycling into every product they bring to life, and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

woman with a trek bike


Take a look at detailed breakdowns of Domane SL 6 Disc Women’s and Remedy 9.8 Women’s to see the latest innovations in road and mountain bike design.


Trek’s 75 Women’s Advocates located across North America spend their free time leading group rides, hosting clinics, and getting more women on bikes—with as much fun thrown in as humanly possible. We asked them to share their best advice for the questions they are asked most frequently. Their answers will not disappoint.

What Bike Should I Get?

The first thing to do is determine what your goals are. Second, think about where you will ride and how often. Third, start to narrow down the options by discussing with the experts at your local Wheel & Sprocket location or browsing our selection of bikes online.

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Why should I buy a bike from a bike shop?

Because a website or a big box store can’t fix a flat, tune your derailleur, correct your saddle height, pour you a cup of coffee, or wax endlessly about that one time when you almost won that one thing. Locally owned bike shops are the heart and soul of cycling, and while the prices at your local Super-Something may seem enticing, they cannot match the quality and expertise you will find at your local bike shop.

Where can I find people to ride with?

Your shop is a great place to start. From weekly rides to women’s events, your local shop already knows a bunch of people who would really like to ride with you. If you’re having trouble getting started, check out Trek Women on Facebook and we will help you out.


Electric bikes eliminate the barriers you may face while riding a bike, and remind you why you love riding one in the first place. Whatever your motivation, we have an e-bike to meet your reason as well as your budget.


Bike Commuting
Goes Business Casual

The barriers to riding to work are universal: You live too far. You don’t have time. You can’t arrive sweaty. Electric bikes conquer all your concerns, allowing you to ride farther and skip traffic with less effort.

Check out Super Commuter+ 7


Carry Everything.
Or Everybody

Before electric bikes, carrying kids or replacing a car for errands was out of reach for many. Electric bikes put you back in control of whatever it is you’d like to do more of with a bike. They will not, however, control your kids when you ask them to sit still for a photo.

Check out Check out Verve+ Lowstep


Ride Everything

An electric mountain bike is the quickest way to superhero status. Cover more distance, ride longer, climb whatever hill you like and get more out of your time outdoors.

Check out Powerfly 5 Women’s