Riding Tips

Rae Hamilton-Vargo - Safety First - Rules of the Road!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it's time to dust off your bike - or get a new one - and finally go riding! But if you don't have much experience riding in the street, it can be a little intimidating, so we're here to talk you through the basic rules of of the road and get you ready to ride. Of course, the laws everywhere are a little different and subject to change, so it's a good idea to check the bicycle laws in your local area before you start riding. Stay safe, and enjoy your ride! 

Jesse Kuester & Dan Sipin - New Bike Tips

Wheel & Sprocket wants you to enjoy your ride on your new bike.   Jesse Kuester and Dan Sipin have some fun showing you all the basics with your new bike.

Rae Hamilton-Vargo -  Importance of lights day and night

Everyone knows bike lights help you see when it's dark out, but when else should you ride with lights? The answer is: any time you ride!

Matt Geib - eBikes for All Types of Riding

Matt Geib of Wheel & Sprocket Brookfield breaks down why eBikes are a great choice for every type of rider.

Curt Emerson on the Tuscobia Ultra

Curt Emerson of Wheel & Sprocket Oshkosh recently finished the Tuscobia Ultra which is a self-supported 80 mile winter Ultra event on the the Tuscobia trail in Wisconsin. 

Phil Godkin - Setting Bike Fitness Goals

A new year of biking begins! Phil Godkin, who teaches all kinds of riders, shares ideas to create a fun and inspiring year-long plan to ride your bike.

Riding with family

Steven Nichols, Wheel & Sprocket - Internet Store, provides advice for riding together with kids. Learn about organizing and preparing for your family's next bike outing! 

Paul Makela on Winter Riding

Paul's commute to work is a 32 mile round-trip from Grafton to Fox Point using the Interurban and Oak Leaf trails. He shared some tips for winter riding and how to always be prepared.