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Introducing Ride Spot

It's never been easier to find a great ride!

Discover great routes and upcoming rides with  Wheel & Sprocket and Ride Spot!

We're excited to share with you this new & awesome tool to help you find great routes to ride in your area! Ride Spot is a FREE phone app and website where people and organizations alike can share rides and events with turn-by-turn directions.

Wheel & Sprocket will be posting our favorite rides and routes for all abilities. Link up with us to join in on the fun-- download the app today!

In-App Scanner

Use the Ride Spot in-app scanner to scan the RideCard codes to see, save, & navigate!

Ride Cards will be available at our Wheel & Sprocket locations, but routes can be looked up based on your geographic location, too.

Note: Not all of our stores have the Ride Spot center in-store-- but it's coming! In the meantime, follow your preferred location within the app, and find our existing rides!

Get Directions, Share Your Ride, & More!

  • Easily follow the route with on-screen navigation and/or audible turn-by-turn directions.
  • Easily add images and anecdotes to any ride to share your experience with friends.
  • Share your ride or follow an existing route!
  • Find new great new rides in your area

Discover + share
Great bike rides.

Sign-up for Ride Spot today!

Follow any of our Wheel &Sprocket locations to find great rides, routes, & trails near you!

Simply click on our Location Pages and click "Classics" to see our curated list of rides near our stores!


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