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Wheel & Sprocket celebrates 50 years, legacy of late owner

For 50 years, Wheel & Sprocket has been a fixture in the Milwaukee bike community. One of its first employees became the face of the business through ads that used fun commercials and comic strips to get people interested in cycling...


Wheel & Sprocket Opens Second Location in Madison Market

"This merger is great for our customers, our community, and everyone associated with our shop. Kudos to Wheel & Sprocket for their commitment to Fitchburg and to bicycling!”


Wheel & Sprocket’s Joy Ride Café Supports Cycling Community

This past year, local bicycle retailer Wheel & Sprocket opened its very first bike shop within the Milwaukee city limits. That new shop, located in the Bay View neighborhood, also hosts Joy Ride Café, another new concept for the cycle shop.

Wheel & Sprocket To Open Park Ridge Bike Shop

Park Ridge biking enthusiasts will have a local bike shop again, later this year, with the announced opening of a Wheel & Sprocket store in the Village Green Shopping Center, projected for this spring.

Wheel & Sprocket bike seller adding a third Chicago-area store to its lineup

Wheel & Sprocket is planning to open its third Chicago-area bike store this spring in Park Ridge, Illinois.


After Wheel & Sprocket's bid to buy a Bay View building was rejected, Noel Kegel looked down the block for his new store

Wheel & Sprocket President Noel Kegel's plans to buy a Bay View building and convert it into his bicycle company's headquarters hit a road block.

The pandemic has inspired more Chicagoans to buy e-bikes

During the pandemic, we’ve seen a national biking boom as people seek socially-distanced ways to get around, get physical activity, and have fun, and Chicago is no exception.

Wheel & Sprocket holding race series that explores parks, trails

Have you ever tried to ride a fat bike? It’s ideal for snowy terrain and can keep you in great riding shape all winter long. Brian is in Whitnall Park hitting the trails on one of the options Wheel & Sprocket has for winter riding.

Bay View Awash In New Murals

“Ride a bike around Milwaukee” reads the multi-story piece, which features two individuals on bicycles riding in front of the downtown skyline and Hoan Bridge. The mural uses the color scheme from the People’s Flag of Milwaukee.

Why Are Traditional Men’s and Women’s Bike Frames So Different?

Eric Krzystofiak, general manager of two Chicagoland locations of the Wheel & Sprocket bike shops, adds some insights about the bike’s sociopolitical role and modern bike terminology.


Wheel & Sprocket sets opening date for store at Ballpark Commons

Wheel & Sprocket’s new store at the Ballpark Commons in Franklin marks its grand opening June 28. Noel Kegel (President of W&S) speaks on building new biking communities.

Wheel & Sprocket Oshkosh celebrates 20 years

Wheel & Sprocket Oshkosh celebrated it's 20th birthday during the annual Fox Valley Expo. Dan Fedderly (Director of Operations) comments on building strong relationships with customers and embracing change to best serve the community.

18th Annual Winter Bike To Work Day

It takes more than a little sub-zero weather to keep Chicagoans from commuting by bike. John Gilbert, of Wheel & Sprocket Oak Park weighs in on the benefits of commuting via bike year round.

Racine man shares his passion for eBikes

Noel Kegel, president of Wheel and Sprocket reflects on growing popularity of eBikes. Retiree shares how eBikes rekindled his love for bikes and made cycling a part of his day-to-day routine. 


Ask the Expert: Biking in the winter

Most people chain up their bikes during the winter and switch to warmer forms of transportation, but Amelia Kegel from Wheel & Sprocket says that doesn't have to be the case. 

Wheel & Sprocket adds CBD products to stores

Wheel & Sprocket now carries products by Floyd’s of Leadville, which contain CBD oil – derived from hemp. The move follows both local and national trends as the market for CBD oil grows...

Remembering a bike trail pioneer

Dedication of bike racks honors work of a late county supervisor and bike shop owner who was instrumental in developing the Ozaukee Interurban Trail.

Wheel & Sprocket wants to create 'bike shop of the future'

Wheel & Sprocket’s president said his company wants to create the “bike shop of the future” in its first city of Milwaukee location.  

The bicycle retailer said in September 2017 that it was exploring the possibility of opening its first Milwaukee shop in the Bay View neighborhood. The project entails converting and restoring a vacant 10,000-square-foot industrial facility at 187 E. Becher St. into a new store.  

Chris Kegel Foundation Funds New Trail Markers

This year was monumental in the wave of bicycle infrastructure in Milwaukee, where Wheel & Sprocket has been involved in advocacy since day 1. Thanks to the Chris Kegel Foundation, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, and the Milwaukee County Parks, the city's Oak Leaf Trail System saw its first map kiosks emerge. Wondering where you are on the trail? These kiosks are color coded, much like a subway system, to tell you what route you're on, and where to go!