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FOLDING e-bikes Gocycle

The world deserved a better bike.

Gocycle® designed it.

Gocycle’s mission is simple: to create the world’s best urban electric bikes.

Foldable and portable

This central component of G4’s monocoque chassis has the important job of connecting the hydroformed aluminium front frame and Gocycle’s patented magnesium Cleandrive™. Three different components, three different materials, each optimised for three different roles.

Integrated Accessories

A full range of integrated accessories are available from mudguards, lights, integrated lock holster, to panniers, travel and storage systems.

Streamlined and user-friendly

All information the rider needs is presented in an F1 inspired streamlined dash. Low energy Bluetooth (BLE) available for reliable interface with the GocycleConnect App.

 Stunningly Designed,

Delightful to Ride

Agile and Easy to handle

Lightest in class, Gocycle is designed to be easy to lift and manoeuvre at home or in the city. Its smooth frame curves are comfortable to hold and the centralized weight reduces strain.

Designed to Fit You

Gocycle has an automotive-inspired adjustable driving position. Cars come in one size with an adjustable position; so does Gocycle.

Clean and Easy to live with

No cables, chains, gears, sprockets or oil – no mess. It can be taken everywhere. The streamlined chassis and PitstopWheels® makes cleaning the Gocycle fast and easy.


no compromises