Cycleops Summer Bike Rack Sale

Stay Fit this Season for Less

Trainers aren’t only for winter indoor exercise - you can benefit from a CycleOps trainer all year long. Whether you’re racing and want to warm up before your event or you’re hiding from the rain and want to ride Tour de France routes from the comfort of your own living room, we have a trainer for you. For a limited time, save 20% on all CycleOps trainers and accessories.

CycleOps Summer Trainer Sale

A Trainer for Every Rider

Isn’t it wonderful to have options? Fortunately, you have many when choosing a CycleOps indoor trainer. We have smart trainers, giving you precise control of your training miles and access to virtual training rides seamlessly through the virtual training app of your choice. We have basic trainers, allowing you to hop on for a quick warm up or workout from anywhere.

Save 20% on All CycleOps Trainers & Accessories

CycleOps Summer Trainer Sale

Why Choose CycleOps Trainers?

CycleOps produces the #1 trainer in the USA, and the company is a rider favorite for many reasons. The technology that you find in every CycleOps trainer continues to improve each year, including exciting advancements in virtual training, and the company’s dedication to helping you become a better cyclist continues to be a part of the CycleOps mission.