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Wheel & Sprocket is your go-to resource for everything you need to enjoy your ride to and from school!

Benefits of Riding to School

  • Riding a bike to school each day builds the habit of physical activity in your daily routine.
  • Students who ride their bikes to school will build self-confidence and a sense of independence while relying on their own bike as a mode of transportation.
  • Increased concentration that lasts well into the school day.

Get All the Right Gear!


If you plan to leave your bike anywhere that won’t be attended it is always a good idea to lock it up! Schools will have a safe place for their students to lock up their bikes while they are inside learning. Locks come in many different shapes and sizes, pick the one that fits your riding and security needs!


As with any time you or your child  is riding a bike, it’s very important to ride with a helmet. Take this opportunity to make sure your helmet fits and to ensure the helmet is still able to do it's job. Don't know where to start? Stop in to one of our stores or check out our "Helmet Buying Guide" below.


One of the biggest safety precautions, besides a helmet, is ensuring you are seen on the road. Outfit your bike with front and rear lights. It's best to have running lights day and night to ensure cars and other riders can see you.

Keep it Fun!

Bells & Baskets & Streamers, oh my! Make it your own with all the fun accessories. Building confidence on a bike also means adding your own pieces of flair!

Don't have a bike?

We can help find the right set of wheels for you!