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TRAINING HUB:  Bringing Your Outdoor Cycling Fun Indoors 

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Have fun and train effectively all year long! Wheel & Sprocket’s indoor cycling Training Hub brings the fun of outdoor group riding indoors so that you can keep riding regardless of daylight shortages and weather conditions.

We offer indoor training sessions at seven Wheel & Sprocket locations. Morning and Evening, weekday and weekend classes available.  

   Come Ride          With Us!

New Year's Resolution

10-Week Session

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 10-Week Session: January 2nd- March 11th* 

Sign up for our fun and friendly training program and improve your cycling fitness, strength, and technique this indoor season. We have a limited number of spaces available for each indoor class . Enroll today for our New Year's Resolution program and start working toward your fitness goals! 

*No Classes on Dec. 31st or Jan. 1st

Classes and Pricing

Training Hub classes are 10-week indoor cycling sessions designed to progressively lead you toward improved cycling fitness. Our standard classes are 75 minutes long, but new this year we've added a 120 minute endurance class. Endurance classes available at select locations. 







UNLIMITED PASS (as many as you like!)


Drop in Classes are $20.00 each

Training Hub 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to experience our Training Hub classes without worry. We anticipate that you’re going to love training with us but if you’re not completely satisfied after 30 days we’ll provide you a full refund.                                             

Why Train with Wheel & Sprocket?

  • Heart Zone certified coaches - Classes are led by certified Heart Zone coaches ensuring your workouts are focused, your progress is quantifiable, and your training is effective. No matter what your goals are, we help you work toward achieving them. We spend time working out in all 5 heart rate zones, and teach you the importance of knowing how your heart and legs work together to improve your fitness!
  • We welcome every type of cyclist - From beginners to seasoned competitive cyclists Training Hub is for everyone. As you train, you measure your progress only against yourself, offering all cyclists a comfortable environment and personally challenging training experience.
  • Ride your own bike - You bring your own bike, allowing you to refine your cycling technique on your own machine. Recumbents and trikes welcome!
  • Expert created classes - We’ve partnered with TriFaster and our program is directed by Lauren “Shark” Jensen, a national championship winning triathlete and physical therapist with more than 30 years of coaching experience. Learn more about Lauren’s accomplishments.

  • Train without worrying about weather conditions, daylight shortages, or traffic!
See Our Weekly Schedules: 







Limited number of spaces available for each class, sign up early!

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Frequently asked questions:
  1. How are these classes different than a "Spin Class"
    1. Training Hub takes outdoor cycling, indoors and allows you to use the comfort of your own bike to develop real skills that will help you down the road. Learn how to shift confidently, clip in and out, work on leg drills and become one with your bike without the external forces of the road. In addition, we use YOUR OWN heart rate data to notice progressive improvement over 10 weekly sessions. Each class, you are emailed your workout results, because after all- what you measure, gets done!
  2. Do I need to have a heart rate monitor?
    1. Heart rate monitors are provided for each class. Training Hub Classes use Scosch Rhythm+ monitors (learn more). We encourage you to purchase your own band ($14.99). If you have a bluetooth heartrate monitor already, we can pair you to our system.
  3. Do I need to own a road bike?
    1. While many people do use a road bike, we can accommodate any style of bike (road, mountain, hybrid) because we believe in bikes for everyone. If you have a bike with more tread on the rear tire, we will suggest a "trainer tire" that will have less resistance and make less noise during class. Trikes and recumbents welcome too!
  4. How much are single class drop ins?
    1. If you want to purchase a single class at a time the fee is $20 for coached classes.
  5. Do I have to sign up for all 10 weeks?
    1. We highly encourage everyone to sign up for the 10-week class package because our classes are progressive and get a little harder each week. You will get the most out of the program if you come each week, and you will save money!! (Drop in classes are $20 each).
  6. What if I cam going on vacation/miss a class?
    1. We are very accommodating of your busy schedule. If you purchase a full10-week class package, you can make up a class any time that the class has capacity. We simply ask that you call your store in advanced to confirm there is an open class space available. 
  7. Can I take classes at different stores?
    1. Yes, again please call the store in advanced to ensure there will be space for you to ride.
  8. Can I sign up mid session?
    1. Yes. If you want to sign up mid session, we pro-rate the class sessions to $15 per class x the number of classes remaining (8 class minimum). 
  9. Do I need a trainer tire?
    1. While it is not required, it is a good idea to put a trainer tire on for the indoor riding season. The resistance of the trainer on your rear wheel will cause some wear over time. Ask a Wheel & Sprocket employee for more info!
  10. Am I able to leave my bike at the store?
    1. Yes. If you would like to leave your bike at the store we offer in-store bike parking so that you don't have to deal with the hassle of dragging your bike to and from each class. Session long bike parking is only $30.


USA: 1 (866) 995-9918
Int'l: +1 (920) 560-2493

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