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Evanston Training Hub

Wheel & Sprocket Evanston hosts weekly indoor cycling classes. Workout to your own ability level in a fun group setting!

Sign Up for Classes at Evanston

New this Year, all Training Hub participants must sign up for a Wahoo Kickr Account to register for classes. This is a secure portal that allows you to manage your schedules, credits and class report information.



What's the differences in the classes?

Hub Classes

Flexible, Fun, Drop-In Style

Hub classes are coached, power based classes that allow you to work out to YOUR OWN ability in a fun group setting. These classes are social, fun and are coached with different ride profiles every time you come! 

Buy 5-30 of these classes and mix your and match your types of workouts, days of the week and weeks of the season that make the most sense to you and your goals. 

5 Class Pack = $80.00

10 Class Pack = $150.00

20 Class Pack = $225.00

30 Class Pack =$300.00

Unlimited = $400.00

Single Class Drop-in = $20.00

Training Classes

Series, Sequential, Progressive

Training Classes are coached once a week classes that build over the 5-20 weeks with specific rider goals in mind. 

These classes are thoughtfully developed to provide measurable improvement for each rider from the beginning to end of the session. 

Beginner: Introduction to Indoor Cycling: 

5 Week Program ($100.00): Slash through the intimidation factor and make it comfortable & fun to get started  (Includes 2 Free Hub Classes).

Power: Progressive Program: 

10 Week Program ($200.00): Get fit faster by using power, heart rate and cadence together (Includes 5 Free Hub Classes).

Hub Class

Training Class

Open Studio

Class Duration:60 minutes75-60 minutes60 minutes
Format:CoachedCoachedNot Coached

  • Any day of the week, as many times a week, for as many weeks you please!

  • Note: The workout intervals will get harder throughout the 20 week season.

  • Once a week for 5-10 weeks that work in a tailored progression for you to see results!

  • Any day of the week, as many times a week, for as many weeks you please!

  • Note: you will be able to access any workout from our library the day of.

  • $20 to Drop In
  • $80-$400 for packages that last the entire season (Nov 5-Mar 24)
  • $100: Intro to Cycling Class  (5 weeks)

  • $200: Progressive Power Class (10 weeks)

  • $20 to Drop In
  • $80-$400 for packages that last the entire season (Nov 5-Mar 24)
Add Ons:
Heart rate monitors & cadence sensors highly encouragedHeart rate monitors & cadence sensors required for the Progressive Power Class
Heart rate monitors & cadence sensors highly encouraged
Drop Ins Allowed?
 Yes! NoYes!
Can I train at different store locations?

Why Train With Wheel & Sprocket?

  • Brand New Studios- Enjoy the state of the art Wahoo Kickr Snap indoor trainers that feel as realistic as riding the open road. In addition to the new trainers, we are excited to bring you the robust Wahoo Studio software that makes it fun and easy to understand how power, heart rate, and cadence can help us all become better riders!

  • Friendly, Effective Coaching- Classes are lead by coaches who love riding bikes and are here to help you achieve your goals - no matter what they may be. Each class program is developed by a team of professional staff to ensure your workouts are focused, your progress is quantifiable, and your training is effective. 

  • All Riders Welcome-  From beginners to seasoned competitive cyclists Training Hub is for everyone. As you train, you measure your progress only against yourself, offering all cyclists a comfortable environment and personally challenging training experience.

  • Ride Your Own Bike -  Unlike spin classes, Training Hub allows you to get comfortable on your own bike and develop real techniques to help you in the upcoming season. From getting the hang of clipping in and out with your new bike shoes, to learning how shifting and cadence can improve your power output- nothing beats spending time on your own saddle.  

  • Train without worrying about weather conditions, daylight shortages, or traffic! 

How are these classes different than a "Spin Class"?

Training Hub takes outdoor cycling, indoors and allows you to use the comfort of your own bike to develop real skills that will help you down the road. Learn how to shift confidently, clip in and out, work on leg drills and become one with your bike without the external forces of the road. In addition, you work out within your own fitness ability based on your power output. After each class, you are emailed your workout results, because after all- what you measure, gets done!

Do I need to own a road bike?  

While many people do use a road bike, we can accommodate any style of bike (road, mountain, hybrid) because we believe in bikes for everyone. If you have a bike with more tread on the rear tire, we will suggest a "trainer tire" that will have less resistance and make less noise during class. Recumbents welcome too!

Which type of class is right for me?   

We offer two types of classes: Training Classes are sequential once a week classes that build over a 5-20 weeks with specific rider goals in mind (Learn More). Hub Classes are coached multiple times a week at all of our locations and vary in intensity to allow you to create your own flexibile, and effective riding schedule (Learn More).

How much are single class drop-ins? 

Only Hub Classes are available for drop-in's and cost $20 each class. SAVE by checking out our simple class packs!

Can I take classes at different stores?  

Yes, your Wahoo rider profile is accessible at all of our Training Hub locations. All of your credits are good to use at any of our locations

Do I need a trainer tire?  

While it is not required, it is a good idea to put a trainer tire on for the indoor riding season. The resistance of the trainer on your rear wheel will cause some wear over time. Ask a Wheel & Sprocket employee for more info!

Am I able to leave my bike at the store?  

Yes. If you would like to leave your bike at the store we offer in-store bike parking so that you don't have to deal with the hassle of dragging your bike to and from each class. Session long bike parking is only $100.

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