DT Swiss's Tricon wheels are built with their advanced materials, high-tech engineering and amazing manufacturing techniques for some of the strongest, lightest and best-riding wheels available.
The Tricon Two-Piece Hub. The Tricon Straight Double-Threaded Spokes. The Tricon Open Crow's-Foot Spoke Pattern.
DT's Tricon Two-Piece Hub design keeps the bearing seats free of tension. This allows the wheels to spin as smoothly as possible. DT's Straight Double-Threaded Spokes thread into the hub and rim for a strong, play-free connection and minimal stress for excellent spoke durability.
DT's Open Crow's-Foot Spoke Pattern uses a combination of radial and crossed spokes for higher tension and maximum power transmission.
The Tricon Pro Lock Torx Nipples. The Tricon Rim Inserts. The Tricon Concave Rim Profile.
DT's Pro Lock Torx Nipples increase the surface that the spoke wrench grips so the wheel can be trued with less risk of ever damaging a spoke nipple.
DT's Tricon Rim Inserts maximize the support for the nipples, which allows lightening the rims and making them air tight for tubeless-tire compatibility, too.
DT's Concave Rim Profiles counteract the expansion force of tire pressure and spoke pull and maximize the strength of the wheels.